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Dear great community,
i am very confused.....please help me!
I want to create 2 user in mailwizz with 2 different domains over which I would like to send out newsletter.
I would like to do this via sendgrid.

1. Do I need for each domain a separate sendgrid account?
2. Or can I use a sendgrid account to run both domains?
3. In sendgrid I have to leave each domain whitelabel'n? But as a subdomain ... xyz.mydomain.com ... Why?
4. I have my installation domain of mailwizz white lable. That has worked ... But over this domain I will but yes not send!
5. Do I now have my domain / email about which I would like to send newsletter: info@mydomain.com in sendgrid register and whitelabel? Sure, right?
6. But then I can't again verify my domain in mailwizz, so the mydomain.com, in mailwizz not as sending domain !!! There is no dkim entry with my hoster, because he does not want and does not want because it is a shared Hoster .... as
7. But sendgrid takes nevertheless for my domain the automatically dkim security check ?! I am totally messed up and completely overstrained !!!!
8. In mailwizz is in the I DKIM SPF entries to create in the zone editor of my hosting providers. This does not allow a DKIM entry, because it is a shared hosting account.
9. In sendgrid, the following sentence is also used: AUTOMATED SECURITY Allow SendGrid to automate your DKIM security and management. Automated security allows us to redirect ISPs to SendGrid to check DNS records that follow strict security protocols and are custom to your account. Due to the fact that the data is stored in the TXT records, it is only possible to set the IP address. This will not affect deliverability.
10. If Sendgrid takes this DKIM security check, then I need nevertheless with my hosting provider only the spf entry make, or? Then I can in mailwizz but the domain not as agile Verify ... .and as sender email is always the installation email from the admin account in it ... ..: ((ohhhh man ...
11. Does the domain have to be marked as default white label at sendgrid? I can only put a domain on default with label?
12. Then I need nevertheless yes 2 different sendgrid accounts? Or?

Questions about questions ... .. I come but no further !!! I'm going crazy!

Who can give me a road map and step away for step ???

Devoleper Twisted answers to my questions always only briefly and scarcely or linked to a different side .... this helps me but not further because I have a basic understanding problem with mailwizz and sendgrid.

Please do not sour and give me your help!

Thanks for your understanding!

For a week I try to make this dkim entry and to send newsletter ... The longer I read and research the more questions arise. I'm going nuts…. :((