verify your sending domain

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    Newbie. sending servers. Verify email never arrives.

    The verify sending server email never arrives - to any address, external or internal. I know the domain can send emails as I have a rival AR on there, which works perfectly. I have set the crons and verified the path and php version is 5.6 I've tried activating the database directly and...
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    verify dns records - Unable to retrieve the TXT records for your domain name.

    Dear community, i am testing many, many settings the dns records in cpanel dns editor..... i am very tired and frustrated! What is wrong and what ist the problem that i can't verify the dns records my sending domain. I testing with mail and this find...
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    Sending domain sendgrid and dkim

    Dear great community, i am very confused.....please help me! I want to create 2 user in mailwizz with 2 different domains over which I would like to send out newsletter. I would like to do this via sendgrid. 1. Do I need for each domain a separate sendgrid account? 2. Or can I use a sendgrid...
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    You are required to verify your sending domain( in order to be able to send this ca

    Hi, Can anyone help with the below? Note: I have replaced my domain with I have a Sparkpsot account and have successfully verified DKIM Reacord, SPF and email address for my domain, all have a green tick next to them. I have setup Sparkpost as me delivery server on MW, sent...