Sending an autoresponder to all users on the list


Hello, everyone :)

I am trying to build email communication and I don't see an optimal way because of the absence of one feature - sending an autoresponder to all users on the list.

Here is a simple schema:
AUTORESPONDER 1 - start after updating our list (here can be new subscribers and some updated lines)
AUTORESPONDER 2 - start after autoresponder 1 sent (delay 2 days)
AUTORESPONDER 3 - start after autoresponder 2 sent (delay 2 days)

We update data about our subscribers 4 times a day. And I want to include in autoresponder all emails matching the filters in the segment, not only new emails.
Maybe it is possible to add an additional option on the last step of the campaign setup? This way we can choose to include or exclude old subscribers.

I've tried to replace AUTORESPONDER 1 with the Regular campaign + recurring. But this way I can't set up correctly events of other autoresponders.
I have to choose one campaign in terms of sending. But Mailwizz will generate a new regular recurring campaign every time.

Please share any ideas about solving this issue. Or let us know when a new option appears.