Segment logic operator AND + field doesn't contain A OR B


Hopefully it's either feasible right away or a workaround exists : I need to create a segment with the following conditions :

TAG field contains "SOLAR"
CITY does not contain "Miami" OR "Los Angeles"

Is there no support at all for the "or" parameter here ?? Maybe something like : contains : Miami|Los Angeles ??

If there is no workaround I'm wondering how I can handle this... Now I bet there is an undocumented way to do that.

Trying to figure out why I dont see any of those fields for segmenting - just first, last and email...

I also see no way to export my subscribers from backend or as a user...
@genetrader - You can use segmentation based on all custom fields from your list. If appear only first,last and email this means you don't have other custom fields. You can add more custom fields from: Customer > Lists > "Your List" > Custom fieldsAnnotation 2020-06-08 095100.png