1. V

    Unable to Clicker Segment

    Hello, I have a list of 8K users and I want to create a segment of those user's who clicked our campaign in the last 30Days/60Days, Please see the screenshot ( but when I click on the Save Changes it is showing this Please help on this...
  2. C

    Creating and importing campaigns and segments

    As per thread title. Is it possible to create campaigns/segments in excel/sheets (csv) and import csv to MW?
  3. D

    Can we have a Auto Increment Field in -List custom fields ??

    Hi Team, It's really better if you provide Auto-Increment Field in List Custom Fields, I will tell you the purpose of this below: Let's say When I upload a list whose field header values are Name & Email then it automatically add Auto-increment field S.No. for each list record, i.e An example I...
  4. B

    Service for create a new segment

    Hello I would like to know if the mailwizz service has segment creation using a post method and not by the backend. The post method where you stop the conditions and the name of the segment and create the new segment
  5. Eldi

    Export Segment via SSH

    Is there any way of exporting segments via SSH? Just like list export php console.php list-import folder --list_uid= Thank you in advance
  6. B

    Segment logic operator AND + field doesn't contain A OR B

    Hello, Hopefully it's either feasible right away or a workaround exists : I need to create a segment with the following conditions : TAG field contains "SOLAR" AND CITY does not contain "Miami" OR "Los Angeles" Is there no support at all for the "or" parameter here ?? Maybe something like ...
  7. M

    Delivery logs for the deleted segment

    Hi there, I had to delete a segment in my list. When I did that, all the campaigns in my campaign list that sent to that segment disappeared. That was expected. But, I also noticed that the logs of the emails sent to that segment in Campaign Delivery Logs in the backend also vanished. I was...
  8. João Reis

    segment by date bigger than

    Can I compare dates in segment section? Thanks in advance
  9. talent media

    click and open campaign based segmentation

    Hello, It seems that mailwizz supports only email addresses based segmentation. Is there any way to create a segment based on a email addresses that clicked and/or opened one or more campaign? Thanks