Repeated images sent as attachments?



I created a campaign that re-uses a couple images in more than one place within the email. The images are appearing correctly, but they are also being sent as file attachments to the email! Not what I want.

Any way to prevent this behavior?
What email provider are you using for sending your emails?
Have you tried using another provider to see if the problem is from the provider itself ?
@ElJefe 0 SMTP or web api ? If smtp, which mailer (backend > settings > common > system mailer)
Also, please do try other provider.
@twisted1919 It is the Amazon SES Web API.

I have set up a Mailgun (also API) delivery server, but now I can't figure out how to specify that it should be used for sending, and I can't find any documentation on it. I suppose I could disable the Amazon server, and then the app would be forced to use the Mailgun server, but it seems like there must be a setting somewhere that I'm missing . . .
But sending via MailGun produced the desired result, so I tried again with Amazon SES. It again attached the repeated images as file attachments, so it seems like the problem must be on their end of things. I'll ask them about it. :)
Here's the reply from Amazon:

The change you noticed is happening in the application that assemble the email's content before handing it over to SES. In general SES doesn't change the emails content unless it is required by the customer to track clicks and opens in which case SES wraps all the links in the html parts; the overall structure of the email doesn't change.

Any more ideas on why this may be happening, from the MailWizz side?
We don't change it either. Can you open a support ticket with the email template you send so i can give it a go ?
Actually, I ran a few more tests and narrowed the case down a bit. The problem doesn't seem to have to do with the template, it seems to occur only when you are embedding images, and you use the same image more than once in the body of your email.

I went to the Support Tickets area, and it says to use the forums instead. Ha ha! Do you still want me to post something in the Bug Discussions forum, or will this suffice?
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Any news on that issue? We're sending emails with images that we'd rather embed since a lot of our recipients don't have remote pictures display automatically (and our images are fairly small, keeping emails smaller than 200k) but images used more than once are added as attachment to the email, which isn't ideal...
We're using Amazon SES Api as well, did you found out what was causing that behavior? And is there a fix?

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