[Release] MailWizz - v1.3.5.7


yes but i must click on CTRL to select multiple field but i would like to use check box ( why i want check box because the use don t need to push the CTRL button )


Anyone else getting:

Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "username" using 2 possible authenticators

In Campaign Delivery Logs after upgrading?


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We are unable to update from .2 to latest .7 even uploading all the files from update folder, Please suggest ASPS.

Ion Iacob

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Mailwizz is now available for download, you can get it from your Envato account or Mailwizz customers area.
This is a cumulative version starting from release, which contains a lot of bug fixes and additions as you can see bellow:
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version - 2015-06-16
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - Added campaign_content_before_transform_links_for_tracking and campaign_content_after_transform_links_for_tracking filter hooks
[ADD] - API endpoint to pause/unpause campaigns
[ADD] - API endpoint to mark campaigns as sent
[ADD] - Unique/All subscribners counters in dashboards
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version - 2015-06-01
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - Added phone number to customers registration page
[ADD] - Added after_opening_body_tag action hook
[ADD] - Added support for GA tracking for website pages
[ADD] - Added SparkPost WEB API integration for delivery servers
[ADD] - Added frontend_campaigns_track_url_item_not_found action hook
[ADD] - Added ability to copy lists via API
[ADD] - Added ability to copy campaigns via API
[ADD] - Added bulk actions for campaigns
[ADD] - Added CTR stat for campaigns
[ADD] - Added ability to redirect instead of showing a 404 if subscriber not found in frontend actions.
[ADD] - Added frontend_list_subscribe_before_transaction and frontend_list_subscribe_after_transaction action hooks
[ADD] - Added frontend_list_subscribe_before_transform_list_fields and frontend_list_subscribe_after_transform_list_fields filter hooks
[ADD] - Added CommonHelper::getIpAddressInfoUrl() and CommonHelper::getUserAgentInfoUrl()
[ADD] - Added get_ip_address_info_url and get_user_agent_info_url filter hooks
[UPD] - Updated CKEditor
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version - 2015-05-24
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - Added customer_get_gravatar_url and user_get_gravatar_url filter hooks
[ADD] - New options for bounce and fbl servers
[ADD] - Added campaigns area in backend
[BUG] - Tracking domains wrong www prefix in some cases
[BUG] - Theme failure under some cases
[BUG] - List import allowed empty emails under certain cases
[BUG] - Amazon SES encoding FROM/TO issue with foreign chars
[CHG] - Changed campaign default sending settings
[IMP] - Improved some queries for counting list subscribers and customer subscribers.
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version - 2015-05-05
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - Added AES encryption for delivery servers passwords
[ADD] - Ability to directly send transactional emails for backend guest area
[ADD] - New bounce rules
[ADD] - Added CDN support for entire app but also for email assets
[ADD] - Added VAT Number column for customer company info
[ADD] - Added ability to add patterns to match emails when blacklist checks are running
[ADD] - Added customization options for backend|frontend|customer logo text and skins overloading
[ADD] - Added ability to force Reply-To email address for delivery servers
[ADD] - Added ability to run bulk actions for deliver, fbl and bounce servers but also for email blacklist.
[ADD] - Added ability to resend transactional emails
[ENH] - Better bounced management
[BUG] - List subscriber actions were not properly saved
[BUG] - ElasticEmail web api failed processing bounces/complaints
[BUG] - Tracking domain issue, filters would bubble up resulting in wrong tracking domains
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version - 2015-03-20
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - Added following hooks: mailer_get_mailers_list, mailer_before_send_email, mailer_after_send_email, mailer_after_create_transport_instance, mailer_after_create_mailer_instance, mailer_after_create_message_instance
[ADD] - Added web hook processor for DRH's Green Arrow Engine, available at the "/index.php/dswh/drh" url
[ADD] - Added support for Dyn.com email service as a new delivery server type
[ADD] - Added support for unlimited xml/json feeds in campaign templates
[ADD] - Added support to use xml/json feeds in the campaign subject, i.e: News: [XML_FEED_BEGIN url='http://feed.com' count='1'][XML_FEED_ITEM_TITLE][XML_FEED_END]
[ADD] - Added ability to create recurring campaigns
[ADD] - Added ability to send welcome email when new subscriber is added into the list
[BUG] - Campaign::getGroupsDropDownArray() wrong param for CDbCriteria::addNotInCondition()
[BUG] - RedisQueue error when php < 5.3
[BUG] - List database import failed to find right column name for email address
[BUG] - Fixed percentage sign transformed into entity in the campaign subject line
[CHG] - Tracking domains are loaded regardless if url tracking is enabled in campaign.
Inside the archive you can get the upgrade instructions or you can as well follow this video:

Please make sure you backup all your files and database before running the update.
Also, if you have a heavy database, make sure you run the command line update rather than updating from the web interface.


Update files as shown in the video with the version and access https://mydomain.com/mail/backend/index.php/update/index and redirects me to https://mydomain.com/mail/backend/ and I still displays the message "Version is now available for download. Please update your application! "

Where is the problem? I renamed the folder "cache" and delete my cookies and not working.


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@Ion Iacob - Things are simple, if you'd do how the video says, things would simply work. I suggest doing it one more time more carefully and use a proper uploading tool such as WINSCP and make sure you override existing files on upload.