Referrer not shown in Google Analytics


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Hello guys, I just sent my first campaign and have the link tracking turned on which works fine for MailWizz stats. However, in Google Analytics, all the clicks from the email to the website show as "direct" or no referrer. Meaning they are equal to someone typing the website url directly into the address bar.

Now, I can attach tracking parameters (?utm....) to every single link inside the email which would then work, but is there a way for MailWizz software to do this? If not, at least the referrer info should definitely be passed on for all links from the email.
@peppies - passing the referrer is not really up to mailwizz, this is something your web server populates based on the info provided by the browser.
The correct way to track this is to use the UTM tags for your links. Mailwizz has an option for this that allows you to enter the UTM pattern and it will parse all your email links and will append the pattern you have added. This avoids having you edit all the links one by one.
Hey @twisted1919 thanks for the prompt reply. I know it's not up to MailWizz, and I'm glad that MailWizz has the option to append the UTM tag to all links which is what I was looking for. I couldn't find it anywhere. Now that you pointed out that it exists I finally found it which is awesome. Love the software and I can't wait for the next update including the builder!