Recurring Campaign set for 4 PM sent first email immediately!


Is this the expected behavior?
Finally we decided to test recurring campaigns.
We send a Newsletter to 200,000 subscribers every morning at 5 AM. We have been doing it manually every day.
So in anticipation of an afternoon edition, this morning at 8:35 Am we ran a test on a small list. We set up a recurring campaign to go at 4 PM every day. As soon as the Campaign was sent out immediately.

Thank goodness we did not set it up with the 200,000 names we had already sent earlier in the day.

So Is there a way around this??
If we wish recurring at 4 PM, do we need to wait until 4 PM to create the Campaign so that we don't get the EXTRA immediate send??

Thanks for any help.
Here is a screenshot I just got from Jyll. She set another test recurring campaign for 4 PM and noticed that it said it was going to send at 12.00. Huh? What's going on here?


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