rechecking blacklisted emails after adding new dnsbl

I got stuck on SORBs and was told that I have one of their honey pot emails on my list so I added SORBS DNSBL. My question is will the system recheck the emails that are already blacklisted if I reenable them, or do I need to remove them from my list and add them via the bulk tool to have them get checked against DNSBL.
@Mike Oltmans - mailwizz doesn't check against DNSBLs anymore since it's too time consuming.
If you're using an extension like this then each email address is checked right before sending.
we send emails for different clients and sometimes one of them gets caught as being spammy by someone however your system then blacklists that email. Can I make it so it reports those as soft bounces because maybe the next one I send out will get through correctly.
What i am trying to do is for instance the below 3 codes are spam detected. I want to make it so these codes are recognized as a soft bounce.

550 5.7.1
554 5.7.1
571 5.0.0

This file will be overwritten in a future realease or it will be mantained?. Is there a way to overwrite the rules of de BounceHandler?.

Like this?

<?php if ( ! class_exists('BounceHandler', false)) exit('No direct script access allowed');

return array(
    BounceHandler::DIAGNOSTIC_CODE_RULES => array(),
    BounceHandler::DSN_MESSAGE_RULES     => array(),
    BounceHandler::BODY_RULES            => array(),
    BounceHandler::COMMON_RULES          => array(
            'bounceType' => BounceHandler::BOUNCE_SOFT,
            'regex'      => array(
                '/BOUNCED BACK/i',
            'bounceType' => BounceHandler::BOUNCE_HARD,
            'regex' => array(
Can we replace the rules?, not add new ones, just replace all with our custom rules in a way can survive an update, I mean. Not editing rules.php
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