receive emails in junk folder

we are trying to sending champagnes from our mailwizz. When trying to send emails to gmail and hotmail we receive emails in junk emails but when we try sending emails without mailwizz in normal the emails received in inbox without any problem . this is very urgent and should be fix ASAP.
Checked items:
PTR ok
SPF ok
Dmarc ok
Domain is new and not blacklisted
IP is not blacklisted in any blacklist.

There is nothing that I can change to solve this problem. Please check this case. thanks.
test mail service with mail-tester will not help at this case. we can send email to inbox folder of gmail, yahoo, hotmail and ... in normal sending like sending from webmail or outlook. The issue is showing when we try to send champagnes from mailwizz. Actually there is no problem in our sending score. there is a problem in mailwizz. maybe there is something in the headers when we send emails from mailwizz that detected in gmail and hotmail so they move the emails to spam folder. Please investigate this. thanks
Without getting a test from it's impossible for us to see what is going on, so please do a test and give us the link.