Newbie. sending servers. Verify email never arrives.


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The verify sending server email never arrives - to any address, external or internal.

I know the domain can send emails as I have a rival AR on there, which works perfectly.

I have set the crons and verified the path and php version is 5.6

I've tried activating the database directly and making it ACTIVE, but the campaigns say
pending sending
processing 0%
sending 0%

The crons history all seem to say success, today within the last minute to hour.

Really stuck that everything is stuck.

Any ideas?
Hi Peter,
Just to let you know that I am also new to MailWizz, my verify email did arrive OK, it took about 5 minutes. Have you tested the eMail address that the verification is supposed to goto works OK.
If you have added an sending server you may need to verify it by giving you email address the verify server. You can give any email addrees in the files it will send you an email using the details you have given in the server setup. If you are not getting any mails with in 2 to 5 Min check the details you have given may be it the settings are wrong no mails will be pushed. Also check your spam folder for verification email. May be the verification email may reach there.