New version (1.5.7) available - but where?


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Sorry if I'm a little slow, but my backend shows an underlined alert that the new version is out and needs to be downloaded - however, no hint where I can get it (nor is the underlined text clickable). I previously fished the new version links out of this forum for past updates. And despite that fact that I have subscribed to the MailWizz newsletter, I did not receive an update info with a useful link.

So I either have a massive blind spot, or something's not working with your signposting.
My apologies if it's the former.
Hello @nadworks ,

So many things has changed recently due to GDPR law, maybe you later didn't confirm Mailwizz consent that was generally sent to every customers of mailwizz or so... (Just my thinking though..)

So, flowing forward to not able to update, you need to update your App License and Server IP address via
More so, the customer area where the new version could be downloaded has been closed more info via

If you need Mailwizz to be updated automatically via your backend app then you have to do the needful at

OR head to Codecanyon to download the new version. Even if you go to Codecanyon to download new version, you might still be required to update your License and Server IP via the link above during the Mailwizz updating process.

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