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Hi guys,

As you know, when you install mailwizz, an account is automatically created for you at and the account data is emailed to you so you can access that area and handle the license and more.

Starting today, we have disabled this area and we have removed all the customer accounts from our database together with any personal data we were holding about you, that is, first name, last name and email address.

We always felt that collecting that information at install time is a bit intrusive, but we never had a real alternative to protect the copyright of our work and to prevent our work to be used for free.
You should rest assured, your information has been safe for the entire period of time we have had it and we really didn't used it for anything else than keep in touch with you and allow you access to the account area.

Now, the installer and the updater will only ask you for your license key.

In the following days, we will make a tool available at from where you will be able to update your license info, that is, to associate the license with an ip address where you host mailwizz.

If you have questions related to this, please ask.


Update 1: You can update your license at
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@droidman - from your codecanyon account. We will also add a download area where you can use your license key to download, but meanwhile, get it from codecanyon
Looks like it will take a very long time
Are you sure you want to update your Mailwizz application from version 1.5.1 to version 1.5.7 ? (yes|no) [no]:yes
[2018-05-15 11:17:25] - Updating to version 1.5.2.
I started at 11:17AM now almost 2PM GMT and still going
i had a power surge on my hometown and the cron failed.
now i have this error:
Updating to version 1.5.2 failed with: CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name 'timezone'

any fast workarround ?
Hello twisted1919,
is there any plan for bellow features
1. stop emails to subscribers in certain countries like in EU
2. or only send subscribers to certain countries like the USA.
As we are outside EU and want to send emails to the only subscriber to specific countries...
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