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more info in this post:
There are no traces of my service, since currently beyond the translation sectors like footers and headers are personalized directly by the user from the administration of the platform
I hired a translator to go through your package and translate all our own add-ons and that was her response back to me. That there were strings that were branded. That's all I can say.
If there are no such traces left now, then that's great!

How are updates handled these days? By request of the buyer as before, or do you send them out automatically?
Dear if you read the announcement you will see that it says that the new version is rewritten from scratch. The previous versions contained in the translation the string of the name of the company and also they had in the instructions how this name was changed to personalize by the own one. I regret that I hired a translator enough to pay attention and read the instructions. In the case of the new version, this is different and fully customizable by the user from his own administration