1. J

    Wants Translations? Spanish Language Avaliable

    Hi, I offer you my services to translate all of core files to any language what you need using Google Translate. Its takes me do it some minutes. Steps: 1.- Transfer to my Paypal ( just a donate more than a 5USD. 2.- Send me the files what be translated in a ZIP archive width...
  2. J

    Spanish Pack Translation - Lifetime Updates



    more info in this post:
  4. Roberto Montes

    Cannot translate buttons in customer pages.

    I tried to look for a solution in the forums but i cannot seem to find te translation for pages like "Profile Update" specially the "Update Profile button" and the "Fist Name" and "Last Name" fields. In the backend editor there are just TAGS, and in the files created by the translator plugin i...
  5. J


    Full translation last version 100% Price $ 20 (only for not resident Argentina) For resident Argentina Price $ 335 Pesos Argentinos Send mail to orden (Name and email) to:
  6. C

    Using correct character encoding to show latin characteres like 'ñ'

    @twisted1919 When I edit some MW core file to do some translations not covered by MW translation extension I get some visualization errors when I try to translate the ´ñ' letter to spanish. Example: File: apps/customer/components/web/widgets/campaign-tracking/views/overview.php Line: 20...
  7. C

    Translations to spanish made inside core files for MW v1.3.7.5...

    @twisted1919 I am trying to localize the last MW v1.3.7.5 to spanish, so I had to change some core files as below: 1. apps/customer/components/web/widgets/campaign-tracking/views/overview.php On line 20, Column 84, I changed 'Campaign overview' for 'Resumen de la Campaña' On line 84, I...
  8. C

    Translation of some lines inside MW core files to spanish

    @twisted1919 Question: I want to start translating some lines inside core files to spanish language... Which would be the best way to do this? Where can I publish/show/indicate the MW core files &names that need translation of some words/phrases/lines? I want to document the entire process...