Need help - exec function must be enabled (SPF and DKIM error)


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I am new user and sorry for my "newbie" question.

I have tried to send my test email and all good I got it, but I am seeing that my DKIM and SPF settings are failed, I am using the same FROM email using different software and all good, so all settings I have setted up in my Cpanel correctly.

I decided to thinking that there is a problem with Mailwizz because inside my Mailwizz software I haven't entered any SPF or DKIM because I am seeing
  • Your system misses a few PHP functions/extensions in order to use this feature.
  • exec function must be enabled in order to handle the DKIM keys.
I am using shared hosting.

Also what should I do to avoid this error?

Like I said SPF and DKIM settings are good inside my hosting Cpanel.

hi @twisted1919,

I got the same issue.
The first campaign I sent, DKIM worked ok.
but then it failed for the next campaigns
dkim=temperror (no key for signature) header.i=@

we use pmta and we didn't change any configs on pmta.
any mailwizz configs that I have to check?

many thanks
@David Henry - Make sure that is the correct ini file loaded, look into Backend > Misc > PHP Info and see what ini files are loaded and look into those.
If mailwizz says the function is disabled, it means it is. Look in disable_functions, but if you are using suhosin on the server, look in the suhosin.ini file and make sure it's not listed there either.