sending in behalf of client / spf and dkim



Are these both usually added to client domain settings ?
how much delivery rate percent is roughly if both are missing.
Sometimes is hard to teach what are spf and dkim and how to set them up.

How does other mailwizz users do, do you always tell customer to add spf and dkim ?
Or should i buy new domain which i use for sending in behalf of customer.

Would like to hear some opinions :)


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Ideally your delivery server would sign the outgoing emails but it would be impossible to sign for all domains.
Now, lets say your mail server is and handles/signs the emails for If a customer will send a campaign and in the FROM field of the campaign will set an email like then that email will not be signed by your email server.
In order to make your email server sign it, you'll have to create a bounce server and associate it with this delivery server. In the bounce server email, use something like which later will become the Return-Path header for the emails and in this case, your email server will sign the email with dkim because it recognizes the domain.

Another option would be to force all your customers to use sending domains and have mailwizz sign the emails for them after they add proper dns records, but this is, as you have noticed, not that easy on your customers.

Anyway, you could test various combinations at and see which one gets you highest score :)

Hope the above helps :)


I added my another domain, which doesen't have DKIM or SPF for my Mailwizz server
Got only one error from Mail-Tester

You have more than one DKIM signature in your message.
Please enable only one signature, you should let your mail server sign the message and disable DKIM on your Newsletter software.

-2 You have more than one DKIM signature in your message.

How i can disable DKIM for the domain which i added, so my mailwizz domain can only DKIM this.
I turned DKIM Signing off, but do i have to wipe out also Dkim private key: from the domain.


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You have more than one DKIM signature in your message.
Please enable only one signature, you should let your mail server sign the message and disable DKIM on your Newsletter software.
It knows what it says :)

So you'll have to disable signing from one of the two, either mailwizz or the email server.
To help you consider, think that mailwizz is written in PHP and PHP is doing a terrible slow job at signing emails.



Nice, thank you again.
I made settings so DKIM check will come from mailserver.
I think now every mail gets signed by my mailserver domain.

got 9.8/10 score from domain which didnt have any DKIM SPF settings for my mailwizz :-D
This bounce@ trick is very nice!


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Hello! I have created a special emeil to bounce, tied it to the SMTP server.
When I do the test newsletter to their email, the title Return-path: email sender.
And the title X-Sender, email to bounce.
The bounce will not be processed.
Tell me what am I doing wrong?

Why when you add email adresses to bounce it does not appear to return the title pass?

Return-path: <>
Authentication-Results:; spf=(invalid) ();
Received-SPF: none
Received: from ([]:57381)
by with esmtp (envelope-from <>)
id 1bI0NS-0003Xs-F8
for; Wed, 29 Jun 2016 00:17:05 +0300
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2016 21:17:01 +0000
To: "" <>
From: =?utf-8?B?0JHQsNC90LrRgdC/0YDQvg==?= <>
Reply-To: =?utf-8?B?0JHQsNC90LrRgdC/0YDQvg==?= <>
Subject: test
Message-ID: <>
List-Unsubscribe: <link>
List-Id: =?utf-8?B?dm02NDJtcTB3cTFkZSA80JHQsNC90LrRgdC/0YDQviAjND4=?=
X-Report-Abuse: Please report abuse for this campaign here: link
Feedback-ID: ep395hmq82153:so64466nmoc93:vm642mq0wq1de:gh5698ak62359
X-Postmaster-Msgtype: ep395hmq82153
X-Mw-Mailer: PHPMailer - 5.2.14
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;


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Is your smtp server exim? If that's the case, then this is the issue, exim needs special configuration in order to allow address spoofing.


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I see, while i do think mailwizz sends proper data, i think we can do one more test.
What mailer are you using from backend > settings > common ? Can you switch the mailers and see if this gets fixed ?


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I want set the delivery as on behalf of
What file and row i need to edit for set our pool ips?