Need A developer to Install MailWizz to my Amazon Account

Hi Jatin,

Get AWS.

Select Linux and Install LAMP.

Create your EC2 Instance on that.

Check your MW requirement.

And then install it. For DB you can select RDS option.

@Vpul Shah i was trying to install MW using
Nginx + PHP-FPM
How do i use RDS to connect MW DB ?

Have you tried installing it yet ? If yes then we can talk over skype right now :)
If you need help installing mailwizz on any server with any hosting provider let me know and i will help you out.

The installation is simple and easy if you know what your doing and if you dont you can break things easily so its best to get the right help!

Private message me for any mailwizz setup related help and i will get you setup and installed.
@Jatin : Create RDS and it will provide you credentials to connect it.

That you need to use in MW config.