NameCheap. Had anyone setup using Mandrill, LeaderSend,MailGun and Amazon SES?


I've been trying to add several SMTP servers but most of them require me to setup a domain connection for it. I'm not familiar with configuring DNS for sending such as TXT, CNAME, MX but if anyone with NameCheap hosting could provide some help for me that would be great.
Basicly they want me to put my domain name for connection. I tried using there help area but the namecheap video is out dated and I don't know nothing.
Comparing to all SMTP servers I'd just first Amazon SES then Mandrill, then Leadersend.
Any assistance would be nice. :)

How about you ask their support to point you in the right direction?
I am using NameCheap only for ssl certs, and for domains because they have an easy interface.

Anyway, get in touch with support and have them guide you, that's why support is for :)
@Fabian Simões - Not all people can be technically inclined, which is fair enough for me, but i do agree with you, searching google for this type of questions makes perfect sense and not because it would spare me answering a small thread but rather because you will gain knowledge that you'll use later :)
I'll add something here about AWS SES, that is probably the hardest service to setup first off, you have to setup two parts to get it to work, the SES service itself and the authorisation/authentication service.

If I were you I would start with one of Mandrill/Elasticemail/Leadersend. Be aware that Leadersend is ONLY for transactional email you CANNOT send bulk marketing messages through their system. But for system emails/notifications it is a good service as you get 6000 emails free per month. You can set what a delivery server does in the backend of MW when setting the server up.

namecheap use cpanel to manage DNS etc. This might help
Yo!! You guys should know what I am not trying to do or do. Don't Just Say. Think!!!
The problem I have now is that the info I get are out dated and MailWizz does not provide step by step info on the things I need.
Mandrill was working and I sent a validation email. I tried another api but they stop my account for now f%@king reason.
Amazon SES had so many things it took me hours to learn how to us AWS (this is too outdated in youtube).
Leadersend is slow in communication.
And what else I had to say.
OK now what do I put in my dns with Amazon SES?
Tell me why I am having problems?


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In the first screenshot, in the 4th row under Sub-DOMAIN SETTINGS:
In first field (under@) add the TXT NAME from second screenshot.
In the second field add the TXT VALUE from second screenshot
In the third field select TXT Record.

Save your settings and allow 48 hours for propagation.
Yes I added this to my namecheap DNS but when I goto my MailWizz url the whole domain name forwards to a park page that says domain is registered with NameCheap.
Ok, just to mention and I just found this out. After You change dns in NameCheap the DNS will remove the dns address. Not sure why it does this but just to knot. But as of now I just have to wait for the propagation... I think