Jesse James

Hey guys,

Hope y'all doing alright.

I was wondering if MailWizz's API allows to connect and integrate via HTTP POST and GET methods.
I want to push lists to MailWizz via HTTP POST method. then push the data back to an other website (this website uses API to push data for me via HTTP POST)
I mean by data: the clickers and openers(Name, Email, IP)

@Ankit - i don't follow, the 2checkout extension handles payments not notifs, if you need extra functionality, you'll have to add it yourself.
@twisted1919 , 2checkout notification service send post request for fraud / refund etc. We want to configure mailwizz to accept request from 2checkout.
@twisted1919 Thanks. We are not getting CSRF issue now but on POST, we aways getting 404 Bad Request whereas get working without any issue. Can advise, how to configure main.php or controller class to achieve