My cronjob doesnt work


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Hi, friends, have reading about my problem past three hours...

My email sending stops on status "Pending-sending", yes I know there are lot of info with that common problem and so far I know that main reason is the cronjobs. But I know how to install them.. Have try couple diferent methods and nothing... And in server cronjob log I see that the cronjob is working. I have lot of cronjobs on my server and all of them are working fine.

The main cronjob is here: does it good that he have permision? Meybe my server canot reach becouse of that?

What can be with this one? Add atachment my cronjobs.


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Mailwizz's cron jobs are not accessible via a web url, so don't add the like http://... but instead add them exactly how you see them in backend > misc > cron jobs list
I can only add with url... What should I do? Could you recomend not so expensive server for this software?
Finally I got installed to my linode server with bash command.

But my problems isnot over. What should i do? When I try to send test email get this error (error is in picture). How to fix it?


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