1. G

    Error with cron jobs

    I've attached the screenshot of the error.
  2. Marcelo

    Cronjobs settings in plesk

    Hello I've been trying for hours to intigrieren cronjobs im my plesk settings, but it does not work :( best regards from germany Marcello
  3. Isai work for Maillwizz?

    The free external cronjob service ( works for me, with all the applications of my VPS, including the Mautic. Would you like to know if you also work for Mailwizz? Best Regards.
  4. H

    MailWizz 1.5 installing on Windows

    Hi there all Mailwizz nerds... I am just starting with the new version from Mailwizz and installed this version on Windows 2012 and php 7.2 Opensll.dll is active in php.ini but still get this error in creating a sending domain While generating the private key, exec failed with: Unknown error...
  5. W

    My cronjob doesnt work

    Hi, friends, have reading about my problem past three hours... My email sending stops on status "Pending-sending", yes I know there are lot of info with that common problem and so far I know that main reason is the cronjobs. But I know how to install them.. Have try couple diferent methods and...