MailWizz to work with really huge list of subscribers


Greetings, everyone!

I got a question that was disturbing me for a lot of time.
Is it possible somehow to tweak MailWizz to work with huge lists of subscribers (around 800M) so it wouldn't freeze or lag on sending campaigns.
Should I use some specific MySQL config or other RDBMS?
Or maybe I should change something in MailWizz configuration?
Or should I use any of already tweaked versions of MailWizz?
I can only assume the only difference would be you'd need much more RAM on the server and an overall huge server, but beside this, everything is business as usual.
Last night I had lots of issues with the MailWizz when trying to delete some custom fields as well, though the email list was only 350k addresses. Problem was when I imported the list, I forgot that MailWizz is creating new custom fields from the CSV file (btw, this should have an On/Off option) so I ended with 39 custom fields in that list. When I tried to delete them either together or one by one and save, got mysql error. So I updated the VPS to 4GB and 2CPU, same thing happened.
The only way I could delete those custom fields was from the command line and it took an entire night. I would have expected MailWizz to be able to do that considering there was only one list with 350k mail addresses.

In your case, if I would have to deal with 800 mil addresses (are we talking about the bot mails made public last year? those are already separated by niche), I would have them separated on different smaller list and use multiple instances of MailWizz on diff. servers.
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