MailWizz Migration


We love MailWizz. Currently, we have an older system and we are looking to integrate it with MW. There is a whole bunch of customized legacy utilities that are used in our legacy system. What would you suggest is the best way to integrate MW with our Legacy system? Is there any documentation on creating add-ons that might help with the integration?
I think using Extensions in mailwizz is the way to add any custom thing.
Mailwizz extensions work in the same way the wordpress plugins do, it has actions and filters where you can hook into and while there is no documentation to cover the usage, there are a number of extension you can use as an example, in apps/common/extensions/ folder.
If you go this path and find yourself in the need of adding a filter/action hook anywhere in the app, just let me know so i'll do it.
P.S: Thanks for the praise, it's very rarely nowadays to get some appreciation.
Thanks for your timely response. We'll take a look at the extensions directory. That is definitely a good place to start. :) Twisted1919 = Very Smart and Great Support
Lets say on the legacy system a user "unsubscribes" from a mailing, would you use an extension to update the subscribers status in MailWhiz?