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    Angular 5 Mailwizz Service Integration

    I'm looking to get some help on creating an Angular 5 injectable service for MailWizz. Any help or direction would be appreciated. It appears I'm struggling most with the HttpHeaders that should be passed to make the lists request. Thanks!
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    Integrate Mailwizz with Trello?

    Hey! Does anyone have experience in integration of Mailwizz with other services? When Mailwizz sends information to another service. I want to integrate it with Trello. For example, when some of my clients create a campaign, I want a card on my Trello board. Or when a subscribers click a link...
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    Integration and multiple feedback loop issues

    Dear guys I'm a problem I can't seem to figure out. I've one MailGun account and I've setup 2 delivery servers in MailWizz for each customer account. I've 2 campaigns so I setup 1 dedicated account for each. I am using the same MailGun server for both of these delivery servers. Now, for each...
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    Landing page/Form Integration?

    How do I get MW to talk to other tools I'm using? Instapage Ninja Forms JotForm ThriveThemes Formstack Typeform Gravity Forms My form > my MW list > my MW autoresponder
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    MailWizz Migration

    We love MailWizz. Currently, we have an older system and we are looking to integrate it with MW. There is a whole bunch of customized legacy utilities that are used in our legacy system. What would you suggest is the best way to integrate MW with our Legacy system? Is there any documentation...