MailWizz Install Service Needed – Want to Hire an Expert


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I have bought today MailWizz and want it to be running in the next days. So, I’m want to hire an experienced MailWizz user/admin to setup MailWizz on my server.

Bellow I leave the briefing of what I need. Please read it all carefully and then if you are interested, please PM me with your proposal details and price.

We have bought a new dedicated server running CentOS 7 with Plesk/Onyx control panel and this server will be used only to host MailWizz. Plesk/Onyx control panel is already installed. So your job is ONLY to install MailWizz.

We bought the Extended license to allows us to resell to our clients as a SaaS business.

In terms of MTA for now we will ONLY use 3rd party SMTP services from Amazon SES, SparkPost and 1 or 2 more that you can suggest to us. We will NOT send email newsletters using our own server MTA/IP’s.


1- MailWizz install on Plesk/Onyx
2- Server has 2 IP’s. So bounces, tracking, FBL domains have to be set taking advantage of the 2 available IP’s. If there is the need for more IP’s we can buy them.
3- Setup Amazon SES + Sparkpost + 2 Other that you will suggest to us.
Setup of MailWizz options and settings to make it ready to sell to our clients.
4- Setup an example/test client, so we can test all the work.
5- Plesk/Onyx control panel already comes optimized by default. But we need you to review all Apache, Nginx, PHP, MariaDB settings and optimize them according to our server hardware and Mailwizz “special” optimizations.
6- All other tasks you suggest and find adequate.

As said before, if interested please PM me with your work details and price.