MailWizz 1.5 installing on Windows


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Hi there all Mailwizz nerds...

I am just starting with the new version from Mailwizz and installed this version on Windows 2012 and php 7.2

Opensll.dll is active in php.ini but still get this error in creating a sending domain

While generating the private key, exec failed with: Unknown error, most probably cannot exec the openssl command!

Well the error seems to me clear ! but where I have to look first.....

I believe its a more challenge to get this Mailwizz working on Windows Is using MySQL but for the cronjobs (I call them tasks!) I should also set the PDO-odbc active in my php.ini....?
Found the starter....
// private key
$line = exec(sprintf('cd %s && /usr/bin/openssl genrsa -out %s 1024', escapeshellarg($tempStorage), escapeshellarg($privateKey)), $output, $return);

Here should be something changed for Windows.... I will find out...
@Hermsen - Mailwizz is really meant to work on linux. While it will work on windows too, you'll find all these small things like the one above that will only work on linux.
Yep Twisted1919 your right... I really solve a lot of things but I see YES, this is only mentioned for Linux or other kind of Unix-like.
I quit late night because it's to much to change from the original... I never see back any upgrade then !

Still this looks the best free open source what I found (on PHP).... So I agree (and you know for sure) it's not for Windows !!!! eehhhh
I like challenges but this one should be for fun. I have programs running on Windows where some think it's not possible.... Thats why I am a kind of special....

When I find some more time I will give you a working MailWizz for windows version back for free ! As you know my license you see I am a longer time here. But anyway thanks for your reply, you are a really active to your users. Thumb Up special for you, I like that