Mailwizz - 1.5.1

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Hi guys,

This release contains fixes for all the issues reported so far but also a few new things that worth mentioning, like:
1. More powerful XML/JSON feeds, see . We now finally can only send xml/json campaigns only when new content is added.
2. Recaptcha for the backend area.
3. The most awaited auto-update feature for the app.
4. A new login page for both, customer and backend area:
Screenshot 2018-01-02 23.16.43.png
( The image can be changed from backend > settings > customizations )
5. Small UI changes, see the demo.

Here is the changelog, please read it to see all the changes:
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version 1.5.1 - 2018-01-02
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - Added email headers ability, like email footers.
[ADD] - Added new server type: PepiPost Web Api
[ADD] - Added following filter hook: common_settings_auto_update_warning_message
[ADD] - Added the ability to enable the application to auto-update itself
[ADD] - XML feeds now can use indexed items, see
[ADD] - JSON feeds now can use indexed items, see
[ADD] - Added ability to add the offset=x attribute for xml/json feeds
[ADD] - Added ability to set how many days to look back when loading feed items
[ADD] - Added ability to take action when a feed has no items
[ADD] - Added recaptcha for backend area too
[BUG] - Delivery servers could not do plain text only in some cases
[CHG] - Unsubscribes will be kept forever in the system by default. You can control it from Backend > Settings > Cron > "Unsubscribe days"
[CHG] - Small UI changes/improvements
[CHG] - Login pages now have a background image and ability to change it from Backend > Settings > Customization
[RMV] - Removed the "customer_controller_guest_form_submit_start" action hook. Use "controller_action_save_data" action hook instead

You can download it from or PM for the download link.

Thank you.
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I am glad to see auto-update. I have never been able to successfully update. I have had to reinstall each new version and have lost all my data every time.
@GRB - Hopefully the auto-updater will fix this issue once and for all. keep in mind you have to enable the feature from backend > settings > common. You also need to meet some requirements for this to work, it's described in the page at backend > settings > common
I dont know if its from the 1.5.1 update or maybe changes in the stripe api .. but all orders/subscriptions, while the traction is just fine, it leaving the status of the Order -> Incomplete. I can manually change it from the backend ... but I was pretty sure that after a successful transaction is auto set the status to completed.

Also, is there a version/changelog for the Stripe Subscription Extension? Was trying to verify I had the latest update of the extension as well to make sure it wasn't an error on my part.
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