Lists Tools Sync Problem (Blank Page)

Tamer Aljabali

New Member
i have installed mailwizz (last version)
on ubuntu server
with php 5.5.9-1
and json enabled + curl
and also all mailwizz requerments are installed :
"Congratulations! Your server configuration satisfies all requirements by MailWizz EMA"

all functions are work good except the sync tool
i get error with blank page (internal server error 500) once i make Sync between tow lists

any suggestions ??
thanks for your reply
i do enable debugging mode
but i see no result at the same section "sync"
still blank page .. i think the code of mailwizz is not executed there

even i see the debug result in the other sections

any new suggestions ?
i did self debug by Injecting this code :
echo "123";
into the file : app/apps/customer/controllers/Lists_ToolsController.php
and moving it's place line by line
till i found the error happens exactly at line 171 :
return $this->render('sync-lists', compact('syncTool', 'jsonAttributes'));

i think this may help
That line simply renders the file apps/customer/views/lists_tools/sync-lists.php so if something goes wrong, it goes into that file though i can't reproduce it at all here.
Can you PM me with some FTP info to your server and the login to mailwizz and the url and steps of how i can reproduce this ?