Landing in inbox AND spam?


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So I setup my delivery servers and sending domains on MW (including SPF and DKIM). The email to verify the server landed in my inbox - I thought 'great!'

But then when I went to test sending a campaign, email went straight to spam... Content was very conversational and no links included.

What is going on? I'm so confused.

Grateful for any help ...

Thanks! So here is the link:

So I can see my domain is on a blacklist, and mxtoolbox shows that I'm on 3 blacklists now even though I checked the domain before purchasing (was not on blacklists) AND I've literally only sent around 5 emails from this domain via MW, and they were all tests but written to look like authentic am I already on blacklists?

I'd be very grateful for any help understanding this?

Thank you so much
i don't think the domain itself is on blacklist but the ip address which point to your domain is. You will have to sort this with your hosting company, they have to assign you an ip without these issues.
Ok sure thing!

I definitely checked the IP address as well too see if it was on blacklist and all was clear...

Anyway, I'll get in touch with host company :)

Thanks so much for your patience and help!
Sorry to bother you again! I'm just trying to figure this out...

So mail-tester said:

Matches your server IP address ( against 25 of the most common IPv4 blacklists.

That's not my IP address from my domain... Could it be from the SendGrid server?

Thanks again!