Issues when using a single domain


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When using mailwizz, in order to confirm your domain you have to adjust your dns records. Upon doing this, you have to once again adjust your dns records for each additional server you use. I've come to the point where I have added soo many different records to my domain, that I no longer can keep track of which record belongs to which server.

I'm having to add these records because I want my emails to land within the inbox and not the spam folder. Often times they land in the inbox, sometimes they do not. I'm beginning to think that the changes I've made to my DNS records is causing the proverbial "wires being tangled upon one another" affect on my email deliverability.

Would it be better to confirm many different subdomains within mailwizz, with each connecting to a different delivery server? Or, would it be best to connect all the servers using a single domain? As I have been doing up until this point.
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