Issue with custom tags

I have uploaded a CSV file with Custom Merge Fields and they were successfully added to the system:

However, when I add any of them to an Email and then send it to myself, Merge Fields are not being replaced with the values and I simply receive them like this:


Could you please tell me what could be the issue here? Just in case, email template:

Thanks guys, any help really appreciated

Can you ensure your tags are all in CAPITALS. Also in the first screenshot make sure your tags are like this


So in capitals and with with Brackets round the tags. Also ensure the tags are actually real and in the list you are sending to. Even if the theres no data in them the tag should still be replaced but with no value showing.
Just as a note in future when making campaigns if you select the text that says AVAILABLE TAGS when creating your campaign (design/html code) it will list all the tags you can use and also the tag you place in your creative for each one.