Integration and multiple feedback loop issues


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Dear guys

I'm a problem I can't seem to figure out.

I've one MailGun account and I've setup 2 delivery servers in MailWizz for each customer account. I've 2 campaigns so I setup 1 dedicated account for each. I am using the same MailGun server for both of these delivery servers.

Now, for each delivery server, each has a different URL to expect webhooks request:

The url where this server expects to receive webhooks requests to process bounces and complaints is:

The problem is MailGun only accepts 1 single URL for each webhook. I'm unable to add both in MailGun.

I use 2 delivery servers with the same MailGun account as I require different "From" fields and different sender names for each campaign. In MailGun, I can add new domains etc but I can't seem to find out how to integrated multiple webhook requests to MailGun

How do I resolve this?

@Clyde139 - This is fine, as long as the url from MailGun has a valid webhook url pointing to a valid delivery server, then processing will work just fine.

So any unsubscribers, failed emails that is processed from MailGun will be removed from all lists in MailWizz?
@Clyde139 - Removed no, but unsubscribed, blacklisted, etc. Then based on your settings, they will be removed from the system after a while. See backend > Settings > Cron, last box in the page.