Installation problems - stuck on welcome page

A little additional information:

I ran the install once and got to step 2 and saw that I did not pass 2 of the requirements. I contacted my host to get them added and they did it for me. Then when I went back to the install steps, that was when I started having the issue of not being able to get passed step 1. I then deleted Mailwizz and installed it again and still no luck.
No ! There no special configuration ! Which one not passed ? Are you use VPS server with cpanel ?
Can Enable this two extension from edit php.ini file . centos or redhat etc/PHP.ini
They are enabled now. The host did it for me. After getting that fixed though is when I started getting this new error.
I don't know what the error is. Here is what happens:
  • I go here: /install/index.php
  • I enter all my information
  • I click "next"
  • the page just refreshes and deletes all the information I typed in
That's it. I cannot move on to step 2 ("Requirements")