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@twisted1919 I'm looking to move my install from my domain to a subdomain using the same hosting. In my attempt to install for some reason I'm unable to connect to MailWizz Installer (as this also happened to me with the initial installation).

All the files look to be in the right place in the file manager and when I try to try in the pathway for the installer I keep getting the attached message.

Please help...

Thanks in advance...



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@Billblast - it seems to me you have copied the update folder instead of the latest folder.
So make sure you put the contents of the latest folder there if you want to make a fresh install.


@twisted1919 : I have a question and I am not sure whether it is related to this or not.

I have MW installed on a shared hosting on the domain . I have been sending emails from this domain with all the links pointing to and also using third party smtp servers.

I now want to send emails with the email address and links from
How can I do this?

Do I have to install MW again on and do I have to buy a separate license?

I can place on the same server where is present though.

Please help me.
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