Incomplete documentation?


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Hello, I'm new to MailWizz migration from Mumara.

There are several things I don't understand yet and I can't find answers on the knowledge base. Maybe I missed the doc somewhere? I looked everywhere. Anyhoo my questions:

1 - SMTP account / customer

I created 16 SMTP accounts from the admin application. There is a "Customer" field under the SMTP account info but I have no idea what to put there. Customer's email? Name? ID? Whatever I insert becomes blank after saving the SMTP account.

Then I logged in as a customer to create a campaign.

While creating the campaign, I would like to use one (or more) SMTP account(s) I created earlier from the admin but I can't find them. It's asking me to fill in new "from" email etc...

How can I use my SMTP information in the campaign creation?

2 - Using multiple SMTP account for one campaign

Is it possible to send a campaign using multiple SMTP accounts at the same time?

3 - Command line importing

I see no information in the knowledge base about how to import customers using the command line.

I use "console.php list-import" and it's asking me to add a folder path to monitor.

What should I put in this folder? CSV files? SQL files?

Thank you very much for any help.

1. The customer field is an autocomplete, you type a few chars and wait for the suggestions and select one. This way you assign that delivery server to that customer, which means that customer is the only one to use it. Unassigned servers are system servers which can be used by all customers.
If you want to send a campaign with just certain delivery servers, say 3 our of those 16, go to Backend > Settings > Customers > Servers and allow customers to select delivery servers in campaigns. When you do this, in the Setup step of each campaign, customers will be able to check what servers to use for sending.

2. Yes there is, see above reply. Also, if you don't set servers for campaign, mailwizz will use all the available servers anyway.

3. You should enable the cron job import and then add the cron job for command line import(you get it from Backend > Settings > import/export). Then, you simply upload your csv files from the web interface, for each email list, as a queued import, and mailwizz will process the file in background and will email you when processing is done.
Thank you for your reply @twisted1919

I'm still not able to select delivery server when creating a campaign.

Here is my backend setting for customers


And when creating a campaign, I'm still asked for a "from" email, "reply to" etc... but I still can't see where to choose the servers.


I would love to choose the servers and use their "from" and "reply to" instead of creating new ones.

Thank you very much.

You will always have to enter the FROM and reply to addresses there for customization purposes. So add those. Mailwizz usually inherits those from the list info, so in future you can simply copy this campaign over and do slights adjustments.

Click on Show More Options, and select what delivery servers to be used for this campaign.
I still can't see the option to select SMTP servers @twisted1919

Here are full screenshots of my customer server settings and campaign creation options.


Ok I got it. It was because my servers were not active. Had no idea the validation process was compulsory. Thank you.