1. M

    Create Campaign API Add Smtp

    Which parameter should be added in the create function for the mailwizz api to work. // CREATE CAMPAIGN $response = $endpoint->create([ 'name' => 'My API Campaign', // required 'type' => 'regular', // optional: regular or autoresponder 'from_name' => 'John...
  2. Mayakovskii

    How dynamically add From Address & Name

    Hey everyone, please advice I use 3 different SMTP servers, each of them uses a different sending domain. And I need to add sending "FROM" and "NAME" to my campaigns dynamically depends on what SMTP is used. How can I do this? - thank you in advanced :)
  3. M

    How to Use Two SMTPs on MailWizz??

    Hello, I have bought two VPS from Digital Ocean. I have integrate one VPS server with MailWizz using SSH application Putty. Now Mail Wizz is hosted on a virtual server "virtualmin". Now, I want to make the second VPS as my SMTP and want to connect it with MailWizz. How can I do that?? Any...
  4. S

    How to make test mails & Production mail received from Power MTA SMTP Only.

    Hi Team, After few tests i come to know that the Test mails and Production Mails are coming from Different Sources, As test mails are coming from Internal Mailer while Production Mails are arrived from SMTP, How to make test & Production mails are received from same SMTP ..??
  5. realcomputerctc

    MailWizz language pack for any language you want

    Hello, I am offering service to create MailWizz Latest Version Language Packs. I will create a complete language pack of any language you want :) We will always create the latest Language Packs. Currently, all our language Packs are created with MailWizz 1.9.11. Before delivering/payment I can...
  6. A

    Cannot send the confirmation email using the data you provided.

    Hi, I'm setting up my own smtp server for my domain and I get the following error: Cannot send the confirmation email using the data you provided. Here is a transcript of the error message: Connection to Timed Out Log data: ++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport !! Connection to...
  7. M

    Can I use proxy rotation with Mailwizz? My hosting provider doesn't allow multiple smtp connections from the same ip.

    Hey Guys, I am in a pickle. I have 10 smtps at and the provider doesn't allow smtp connections from the same ip. Sending with the same ip from two smtp accounts immediately results in a email delivery disable. I was wondering if there is any possibility/workaround, extension or...
  8. D

    I am facing delivery issue on Yahoo

    Even i can not send 30mail/ minute is it mail-wiz header issue , can one help me with that
  9. K

    There is no SMTP option in my account

    Hi How are you? I need to add delivery servers but I don't see the SMTP option. You asked me to contact my host to enable enable he PHP's proc_open and popen functions. I contacted them and they enabled it. How now do I get to see the SMTP in my option in my account when i need to connect...

    Email Experts: Consultation, Configuration, Warmup, Deliverability -

    Dear All, From years we have been serving MailWizz customers (ref: and we are thankful for support of MailWizz Community :) You can check our services &...
  11. Nikhil Halder

    VPS Server Help

    Hello, I heard about Vultr, OVH or Contabo VPS Server. These are Good For Sending Bulk Email. Vultr: was Suspend My VPS after use OVH: I was trying to register But identify Confirmation is Pending for the last 6 days. I found website. I hope that the Feature of this site is Comfortable...
  12. M

    We are Providing SMTP Service,You can use it in any mailing portal.

    Hello, We are providing SMTP, you can send unlimited mail, There is nothing any restriction from us, It's like bulletproof SMTP. We are Offer smtp in very cheap cost $15, we have already many client which are using our service, Clean ip, Clean Domain, Already warmed SMTP, We are offer...
  13. M

    Mount PowerMTA (port25) in Mailwizz

    Hello, Can you help us on how to mount my poewerMTA (port 25) on Mailwizz. Is there any documentation or other that will help us? Thanks,
  14. A

    POSTAL complete SMTP server

    Hey , Have any one used POSTAL as SMTP server & it's management ? As it is active for quite a while & have beautiful management interface to setup domains & config. Share your feedback if you have used it . -AMIT
  15. R

    PowerMTA 4.5r11 and PMC 1.5r12

    Hello All, PowerMTA 4.5r11 and PowerMTA Management Console 1.5r12 available.if anyone interested please contact me at sk@pe: rony.raskhit or em@il :
  16. Hideki

    Incomplete documentation?

    Hello, I'm new to MailWizz migration from Mumara. There are several things I don't understand yet and I can't find answers on the knowledge base. Maybe I missed the doc somewhere? I looked everywhere. Anyhoo my questions: 1 - SMTP account / customer I created 16 SMTP accounts from the admin...
  17. N

    Create a new SMTP Server

    Hello all, i have Mailwizz 1.5 , and cannot find a possibility to add an SMTP Server using a Host : Port , username and password. i ask if there is a possibility to add it? thank you.
  18. twisted1919

    New integration with 5% discount for all MailWizz customers.

    Hi guys, We have a deal with our friends at NewsmanSMTP to get 5% off when using their service for sending emails. For more info please see Have fun.
  19. D

    550 SMTP AUTH is required Issue (Resolved)

    Some of you might be seeing an error like the one shown in the image when verifying the server. This issue occurs because of your CPanel settings done at WHM. If you have WHM, you can do it by yourself, otherwise contact the hosting provider. FIX: Go into WHM backend and on the left top bar...
  20. C

    Need Mailwizz Installation, SMPT and Authentication Set Up

    Hello, I am looking to hire someone to get Mailwizz installed, all smtp vendors set up, feedback loops set up and authentication set up (dkim, spf...). I have a server on Can anyone help here?