Import email - page isn’t working ... is currently unable to handle this request. 500


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The ... page isn’t working
doamain is currently unable to handle this request.


Help me please.

import-error.PNG import-error.PNG
i'm getting this error "doamain is currently unable to handle this request." but on cenrtain things like when want to copy campaign, want to see some stats, it's happening after the server migration i did, do you think it's related to apache server ? maybe rebuild apache will work ?
yes , you're right. i'm just trying to figureout by myself and found the solution here :
Server Configuration -> Website Options, and change the PHP Execution mode to CGI

this solves tons of my work.

i'm just wondering how you handle this all works !! Development, Forum Maintain, Solving customer's problem ! you work like a machine !
@twisted1919 , is there a way i can hide pricing for specifig customers ? i really need this badly
Unfortunately no :-s Can you explain more what you try to accomplish?
@twisted1919 i'm having a big problem after upgrading to the new vesrion, my open,click,unsubscribe tracking isn't working ! how can i fix this, can you please do something ?
Please check your support tickets, it's related to some of your tracking domains being broken.