Im a guest and im supposed to be an admin


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He doesn't work weekends I forgot I'm sorry

I'm trying to build an autoresponder for the admin to use for the admin area was the script changed I still have support time left and nobody is answering my support.
The script is saying I'm a guest I was not like this when I first installed it. and in the admin area, I could upload new templates. Also when I started the app it was NULLED and Password did not work. I've been waiting for an email from support but did not receive one twisted answered in 24 hours and I only emailed him 2 times when I first got the script. It's now 2 days and no answer also my passwords were changed could not log in. I have 22 days left in support It's funny. I was in the hospital for 2 months and now started again I don't know where to start the script looks different from when i first bought it. I need help.
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Vpul Shah

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Hello Zarsky,

You said when you started the app it was NULLED - are you using correct license key ?


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Did the app change because when I installed it last time it was all in one The admin was the admin and the customer was the customer this is my back office In the link I'm a guest this was not like this it changed
Nothing changed in the application structure, it is the same for over 7 years now.
I do something wrong I'm a guest logging in?
Before you login in both backend and customer area, you are a guest. That's why you see the word guest in the url. Once you login, you become a user.
And I did use the Canyon Key. And when I'm downloading the full copy with licence and recites it only is downloading the mailwizz i tried twice
I think you can anyway get the license separately, so you should have no issue there.

This is correct, "backend" is the admin area.
Same here, this is also correct, this is customers area.


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Hello My password keeps changing and also my old host I updated mailwizz he shut down his reseller and my backup was fresh I had to reupdate mailwizz does that normally happen


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I think I have to reinstall with new I'm going to upgrade to the saas its a beautiful program so why not