I need help with the extension 'Zip Archive'


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I have a hosting in godaddy, but when installing the application I get the following error, keep in mind that I already install the php package in godaddy.



¿How can I fix the error or where to copy that line of code?

Usually apache has to be restarted after an extension is installed. Not sure if you did this or not, however, if the app says it cannot find the ziparchive class, then it means it is not enabled in php yet.

I have a problem with this also.
I wanted to export a list and received this error message:

The extension is installed:

Restarted Apache a few times, but it is not working. I tried to install php-zip on the server with EasyApache 4, but after install I tried to export and received an Internal Server error.

Can you guys help me with this?
@Zoltan - You can try to export from Customers > Email lists > All Subscribers by opening the filters and selecting what you want to export.
That part of the export does not make use of the zip archive extension.
After you add PHP ZIP Extension, restart service and after that remove Cache from mailwizz and also from customer area Cache too.
Just wanted to post a solution here for this.

Go to your cPanel in Godaddy (or any other).
Click 'Select PHP Version' > Check the box for zip.

That did the trick, I was finally able to install Mailwizz.

Tried above methods including adding Pearl Package Zip Archive from inside cPanel, and nothing worked until I did this.