I can't insert links inside the consent box


Hello guys,
I'm here for some insights.
I hope you can help me. In custom fields it is sometimes necessary for us to be able to insert hypertext links on certain words in the "label" and "description" fields of a form.
We did this test:
We entered the consent form box and tried to insert a hypertext link on the word Privacy Policy in html format in the label or description field, but when the form was saved, the system completely removes the html content and the word Privacy Policy remains without any link .
Is there any way to achieve this?


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Unfortunately, for now we can't allow this, sorry.
I'll have a look in the code to see if we can improve in this area.

Thanks a lot for the answer!

I think that if the possibility of inserting a hypertext link were foreseen, for example on the word Privacy Policy, it would correctly register that a user has given consent to a defined link. Very important aspect regarding the GDPR Regulation.

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