How to request reconfirmation for existing subscribers?

Gary Orman

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I've seen a few posts about this, but so far I can't see what the solution is.

I've just purchased MailWizz and imported all my existing subscribers into a list.

Now I want to write to each of them to let them know about my new system and to confirm that they still want to be subscribers.

How do I do that?

I thought about sending everyone a message just asking them to unsubscribe if they want to be removed from my list.

But this won't work if they don't read the message or it gets lots in their spam folder.

Occasionally, I want to clean out my lists anyway. So I would like to know if people still want to be on my list or not, or whether they're just ignoring me - or marking my emails as spam - or whether they do still want to hear from me.

It's a tricky problem and I'll probably send out several emails to those people who have NOT opened the email to ask them to confirm that they still want to be on my list, and then expire them automatically after a month or so. Perhaps transfer them to another list consisting of "undecided" or "unreachable" subscribers... and then wait for them to resubscribe.

So if I follow this approach then how does it work if they resubscribe via the website - assuming they are already subscribers that I have manually changed to "unconfirmed"? Won't the system detect that they are already existing members and won't allow them to create a new account with the same email address? Or will the system automatically change their status to "confirmed"?

What do you suggest? Any ideas?

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When the GDPR act got active, we had to make sure all our existing subscribers give their consent to still be part of our list.
What we did, we sent them a campaign and we asked them to click a link to confirm they want to hear from us. That was a tracking link leading them to a thank you page and we had an action bind to it so that when they click it, we updated a custom field with a value which we later used to segment the list and remove subscribers that did not clicked the link. Our confirmation rate was about 40%, not bad not terrible, so you can try the same as well and see how it goes.
It's important to ask people to do an action to remain in your list NOT to not do an action in order for them to stay in your list.


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@twisted1919 could you please explain which tracking link you are referring? Also How can I can add that links to our email template? Is there are variable tag for it? what's the name of that tag?


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could you please explain which tracking link you are referring?
Upload your email template in your campaign, then under it you will see you can take actions if any of the link in it is clicked.
As actions, you can select to change a custom field value to what you want. In our case we had a custom field with default value set to 0 which when the confirmation link was pressed, lead the customer to a thank you page, but before that, since that link was selected as an action in the campaign, it also updated the custom field value to 1. later, we created segments and selected only people that had this custom field value be 1, because those were the people that wanted to stay our subscribers. Then, in time, we started purging the ones that didn't click the link.