How to install Mailwizz with iRedmail/Subdomain in Centos 7


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i am try to configure my Mailwizz within iRedmail but my mailwizz setup is not working, Can you please help me why its not working
always have an issue in Nginx now able to run my files

2nd issue is - if i though install Mailwizz with in different server so i try to install mailwizz within Sub domain because my domain is using for website
but i am also not able to install Mailwizz with in subdomain same way as i already installed my other mailwizz at

please help me on it and share me some qualified guide for it



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You should hire someone that has experience with this, none of the above are related to mailwizz itself, so i doubt you'll get more help here, setting up a linux environment with a web server/subdomain/database/etc, is not something simple and generally there are people that get paid to do so.