How to install and Use EVS-GO with a Php application on centos 6.3

pradeep sharma

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Hi Twisted1919
I wish to use you evs-go script with my php application
I have a DataCenter with good number of servers installed recently with 1000+ global ip address
We are building a php application to provide email list cleaning server for all.
while doing SMTP validation native php takes to too much time to clean a list of 100 emails with almost 240 Sec.
Now we need to use a multiprocessing system to process many records simultaneously.
We know about pcntl Extn and also about pthread lib as well but not sure how to use them.
I Came to know about your evs-go script from your github repositories.

We are planning to use your evs-go for this application but we have no knowledge about Golang(Go Programming Language). i tried my self installing to golang on centos # yum install golang

and i was installed successfully and then we followed the instruction given by you in readme @ evs-go repository.
we are getting some error as related to $GOPATH and GoROOT path

Now i am want to ask few helps below

1. how to resolve it GOPATH and GoROOT path error
2. a practical example to use it evs-go script behind a php application (php application will submit a data to evs-go and evs-go will return the result any supported format which is to be honor/accepted by php and GoLang both)
4. We can setup our own DNS Caching server if required to speedup DNS querry. as i read in your post on mailwizz forum that it needs a DNS caching server to speedup query )
3. how can we setup and process large file with it using any Queue management script if have simultaneous jobs/systems want to use this application
4. i want it to process 1 mil-10 mil records in shortest possible time.
(sever resources is not a problem if application is stable we can deploy a 256GBRAM/ 40 Core Server/30MBL3 Cache each CPU with a good ip pool in service of this application dedicatedly )
Can we PM you to discuss it with you.


@pradeep sharma
To install GO, you should really follow the official install guide at then look over the install instructions at because they tell you ho to setup the gopath.
Once you do this GO will be ready for usage.
To answer your questions:

1. Above will help.
3. You don't really have to. EVS caches the DNS records.
4. The example at #2 should help see how to feed with emails. Rest of implementation is really up to you.
5. I really haven't tested EVS on such amounts of emails, it should handle them just fine though.

Please note that EVS is a pretty complex daemon, make sure you understand how it works while using it. Make sure you have enough ip addresses on your server and you rotate them.

Hope it helps.