How to Format Webhook for Use on OptinMonster?


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I am trying to setup an optin form on OptinMonster which uses a webhook. I am only collecting the email address. How do I format the webhook URL to capture the email address? I know the POST request goes here, Here is the information from OptinMonster about how they format their JSON.

I searched the forum but couldn't find anything that shows how to format the URL to be used in OptinMonster. Not sure if this helps but here is there documentation on connecting a webhook.
Thanks for all the help.

"lead": {
"email": "",
"firstName": "Archie",
"lastName": "Monster",
"phone": "888-888-8888",
"ipAddress": "",
"referrer": ""
"campaign": {
"id": "111771",
"title": "Optin Campaign Title",
"slug": "dpqwtyuzo"
@Colt405 - If you cannot map the fields from OptinMonster to POST values that mailwiz understands, then your only option is to make optinmonster post the data to a PHP file of your choice where you will parse the json and send the information to your mailwizz app using the api.