How to enable Sendgrid marketing campaigns?


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I've searching around the forum and knowledge base to find out how to set up Sendgrid's marketing campaigns within MW in order to take advantage of the pricing-per-subscriber but I have only been able to send MW campaigns with SG's mail api.

Am I missing something too obvious?

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
Hi twisted1919 and thank you for your fast response!
I have already done that (I'm also using Mailgun) and it's working as expected with their email api, but I can't figure out how to set it up to be inline with their marketing campaigns api.
After taking a look at the SG delivery server web api model I can see that it uses the mail api only client->mail()->send()->post($data) while the one needed for the marketing campaigns would be client->campaigns()->_($campaign_id)->schedules()->now()->post(). :(

@twisted1919 is this a feature that could be planned for the future or are there any alternative web api providers that provide campaign integration? If not, could you please provide some insight or point to the right direction on what would be needed to create an extension that implements such a functionality? My guess is that it would involve some api calls to CRUD lists/subscribers/campaigns with external apis.

I'm sure many people would benefit from this.

Thank you once again for taking the time to look into this :)
From the docs:
With SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, you will be able to load in contacts, create segments, create and send campaigns, view your stats, and so much more.
This is something that mailwizz does not do anyway, this is the reason we only use their sending endpoint, because that's what we do with them, just send the emails, anything else is done by mailwizz.