how to create a request of maillwizz ?


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Anybody know
How to create a request of maillwizz that let other form submission webhook ?
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@chkuo - that is simple actually, you can create your form in that form creator script and use the right input names for fields. then make that form creator script submit the info to the subscription form url generated by mailwizz.
You can see the subscription form and subscription form url for each of your email lists, by going to your email list and click on the list pages box.
If the from post raw body was:
So my list field label of mailwizz must be email_603949 , is it current ?
or could you have other method?
Yes that is correct, but the thing is that mailwizz has a strict requirement for the email tag, it has to be EMAIL, anything else can be otherwise.
Doesn't this have a way to map fields somehow?
@Lim - To map fields as in the app will give you an option to say something like:
If in mailwizz the email field name is EMAIL then in this app the name is XYZ.
Makes sense?
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