How to change "Sending quota usage" counter

@Giannis Maroulis - Mailwizz deletes old logs after 90 days, to keep the database clean.
You can adjust this from backend > settings > cron:
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My problem is not the logs but the counter that remove some of those mails so now removed another 3000 mails/credits for me so this is BUG because if the user buy 10000 mails / credits from me and after 3 months that is 90 days removing mails/credits thats a problem i need to get that fixed and restore those mail/credits that have been "archived" as i understand it right

Please let me know what should i have to do
The counter counts based on the logs, so that is the exact problem. Increase that to a huge value and this won't be a problem anymore.

I have already done that but what i am asking you is How to revert what have been change from that?? The counter must be 9442 total and now its at 3xxx something.... How can i fix that problem?

Edit: The max is 400 days thats not good also... How can i make that infinite?
@Giannis Maroulis - I'm afraid that if the logs were deleted, there is no way to put them back, so your option is to substract the amount of emails from the total he can send, then when this expires, you can increase the total back to it's original value.
The max is 400 days thats not good also... How can i make that infinite?
Not infinite, but i have now raised it to 10k so it should be more than enough, so leave it 400 now, then at the next update, go to 10k.