How to change "Sending quota usage" counter

I have update to the beta version Before the update the counter was 9,442 from 10,000 Now counter shows that is 6,442 from 10,000, emails... ??

What is happened? Any clue?
This amount has been made not only from one campaign but from many different and in 3-4 months by now... All campaigns have been completed

Edit: Sorry didnt understand fast .... This is a customer view status not from a campaign
Perhaps some of the campaigns went to archives and this may have changed the quota, but also see if it is monthly, then it will drop the other months for the current one.
Its not right then but before wwe disquss that can u please let me know how to find out if some of the campaigns went to archives? Where is that archives options ?
Its not right then but before wwe disquss that can u please let me know how to find out if some of the campaigns went to archives? Where is that archives options ?
I thought it could be related to what this command does
You can find those archives here
The settings for how long to keep them are here:
But the quota counter (from the picture I may have misread) is possibly just updated for the current month, or do you have yearly quota?
There is nothing in Archives...

The problem is that the email/credits that have been disapear is 3000 after the update...does that means something to u? Just try to figure it out so maybe i will ask stupid questions please dont get me wrong..

So i start to digg the database and i found that

And this is the conclusion
If it is not related to monthly renewed quota (it will drop the previous month for the current one),
then it is probably something that @twisted1919 might be able to answer/fix, if it is a bug (did not happen to me so far).
@Giannis Maroulis - There was an issue with that counter which i have fixed in the dev version, so please upgrade to once it is available and let me know if the problem still persists or not.
Thank you.
Hmm sorry that i rush but customer cant wait. Is there any way that i can change it by any way ? i mean from the database maybe?

I need to get that fixed so will be fair for all me and my customer u know...

Thanks in advanced
@Giannis Maroulis - Do me a favor please, i see you know your way around phpmyadmin, run this query:
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM mw_delivery_server_usage_log WHERE customer_countable='yes' AND customer_id = X;
Change X with the numeric ID of your customer for which the quota has been changed.
This should give you a number, what's the number ?
@Giannis Maroulis - Thank you, so it shows 6442 for that customer, that is the number of records from the database which is the same number shown in the app, so it works fine.
Now, the only time when records are deleted from this table for this customer is when you reset it's sending quota, either manually, by pressing the reset quota button, or automatically, if the customer is in a group that has this setting, to reset the quota counters for a fresh start.
Can you please confirm that you are 100% sure it's none of the things i mentioned above ?
But the customer is not even 1 year old... as i can tell its been with me 6-7 months by now. Of course i cant define the "old logs" time is because i dont know if thats means 1 months or 12 etc....

For me lets say the old means 1year for example :)